4 Semi Trucks Features Ideal for Crafting During Road Trips

When traveling on the road, you may find yourself with a lot of downtime or breaks from driving. Engaging in a hobby is a great way to get through these breaks and help stay busy before your next long driving session. If you love crafting, then the truck that you drive can provide the space to properly craft and create all types of artistic projects. As you shop for a semi truck with an extended sleeper cab, there are four features to look for that cater directly to crafting. By purchasing a truck with these features, you can enjoy crafting more and stay organized through your various stops on the road.

Locking Cabinets

As you travel, it's important to have access to all of the supplies that you need for crafting. You're normally on a tight schedule and do not have time to pull off the highway and stop into a local craft store. The best way to keep all of your supplies organized is with locking cabinets that are built into the truck.

Locking cabinets are especially helpful for small objects and pieces that are typically used with crafts. For example, while driving, a locked cabinet can stay shut instead of accidentally swinging open and sending beads or yarn throughout the truck cab. Hidden storage compartments can also supply extra storage for crafting items. In a semi truck sleeper cab, these compartments may be placed under seats or below bed areas. This allows you to store more supplies without taking up too much space.

Fold-down Tabletops

The key to a great sleeper cab is having a lot of areas that can convert into useful spaces. For example, a sleeper cab bed may fold up and convert into a small couch or bench for seating. For crafting, one type of conversion to look for is a fold down tabletop. A flat and sturdy tabletop can provide you with plenty of space for crafting within your sleeper cab. It allows you to spread out materials or have plenty of space to use supplies like a sewing machine. In some trucks, the main seat and passenger seat and spin around and give you an ideal seating option right at the fold down table.

APU Units

A lot of crafting can be done by hand, but there are some types of crafts that require a little electricity. Whether it's plugging in a sewing machine or hot glue gun, you can achieve that extra power by purchasing a semi truck with an APU unit built into it. An auxiliary power unit offers electricity that is separate from the truck's main engine. This can help save wear on your vehicle while still giving you power options in the sleeper cab. These units can be powered by a number of options including diesel gas, propane, or electric battery packs. A sleeper cab can feature multiple outlets that are directly linked to the APU unit. The unit can also supply additional lights inside the truck. This makes it easy to see a variety of colors and fine details.

Internet Connections

The internet can be a valuable resource for making and selling crafts. To help connect you online, semi trucks may come with WLAN connections that offer internet for laptops, tablets, and other devices. By using the internet, you can easily load tutorial instructions and videos for various craft projects. A built-in connection can help you get good speeds that will play these tutorials smoothly. An internet connection can also help you sell crafts while on the road. When using the internet, you can post images and listings for your various craft items. This is a great way to make a little extra money while doing a hobby that you love.

When shopping for semi trucks, read a detailed list of all the features to find a truck that you love. Touring a commercial truck for sale can also help give you a good idea of how crafting can be done in the available space.