Need Auto Body Repair Work Done On Your Vehicle? 4 Things To Ask The Repair Shop

Sometimes, the body of your vehicle gets damage. When it comes to dealing with body damage on your vehicle, you need to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. When you are looking for auto body repair shops to fix up the body work of your vehicle, there are some things that you are going to need to ask about in order to find the best service provider.  

1. Certification  

First, you are going to want to look for an auto body repair shop that is a certified repair shop. You want to find a shop that holds at least one national recognized auto body certification.  

Examples of certifications you should look for include the AES certification, issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service. This is a certification that individual technicians at the repair shop may carry. An AES certification can be issued in various categories, so make sure the technicians have certifications in things related to auto body repair.  

At the facility level, you should see if they carry an I-CAR certification, with gold being the best. A gold level shop has to meet standards for the shop and staff. Or you can look for a certification from the Automobile Association of America (AAA).  

All of these certifications will let you know that the shop and its staff stand out for the work that they do.  

2. Warranty 

Second, you are going to want to look and see what type of warrant the auto body shops offers, and how long the warranty is valid for.  

Whenever you are having work done on your vehicle, you are going to want to ensure that the work comes with a warrant, so that way if an issue occurs with the work within a few months, you can get that issue fixed.  

3. Rental Vehicle 

Third, one of the perks that outstanding auto body repair shops offer is a rental car program, where they have rental cars that you can rent at an affordable rate while they fix your vehicle. With an auto body rental car program, you usually pay far less than you would with a rental car from a rental agency.  

You will have to sign a rental agreement, and you should treat it like any other rental, documenting the condition of the car before you use it and sign the lease. This can be a great perk if you don't have a second vehicle.  

4. Model Experience  

Even if a shop is certified, you still want to ask about their experience with the particular model of vehicle that you need repaired. There are numerous vehicle models on the road, and not all repair shops work on or have experience with all model types. Some repair shops just focus on foreign cars, and others on important ones, and still others, on a specific model. Ensure that the shop you are going to has experience and is comfortable working on the model of vehicle that you have.  

When you need to get the body work fixed on your vehicle, you are going to want to work with certified technicians and a certified shop that handles auto collision repair. You want to look for a shop with experience on your model of vehicle, quality warranty program, and a rental car program.