Areas To Pay Attention To When Preparing Your Car For Sale

When you sell your car you want to be prepared to have people come out and critique every aspect of it. While you will be trying to get what's fair for it, they will be trying to bring you down in price to get the best deal they can. Here are 5 areas you can pay attention to that will decrease the chances of prospective buyers nitpicking your car apart:

Give it a tune-up, an oil change, and check all the fluids

When you give your car a tune-up, have the oil changed and have it all filled up with fluids it is going to perform better on test drives. Not only will potential buyers like the way the car runs and sounds, but they will also appreciate the fact that these are maintenance issues they aren't going to have to deal with on their own shortly after making the purchase.

Make sure the tires are in good shape

You've more than likely heard about potential car buyers coming out and "kicking the tires". While it is an expression, they really do like to see that a car has tires with a good amount of travel left on them, so they aren't looking at an instant investment the minute they get the car home. If you have bad tires on the car and aren't in the position of having brand new ones put on, you should at least have used ones put on that are in the best condition possible.

Make sure the battery is in good enough condition

If you haven't been doing much driving with the car you do want to take the battery in and make sure that it has a good charge and plenty of life left in it. This way, you won't have to worry about having the car suddenly not want to start when someone shows up to have a look at it.

Make sure the car looks good

Have small cosmetic issues taken care of whether you can do them yourself or take the car into an auto body shop. Have the car freshly washed on both the exterior and interior. Do your best to have the inside smelling fresh and clean as well. Walk around the car as if you are seeing it for the first time and imagine that you are the one who is considering buying it. If something stands out to you, it will stand out to them.

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